California Buckeye Burl

California Buckeye Burl "Stoutboy" Navigator Fountain Pen

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Handmade. Navigator Fountain Pen. Body is a unique, gently curving 'stout' body, showing the light-on-dark knot clusters, and yellow/gray/green streaks. Chrome Hardware with Magnetic Cap. Includes ink reservoir and cartridge. #5 Schmidt Nib (Medium).

Buckeye (Aesculus spp. (A. flava and A. glabra)). Buckeye is a rare native US hardwood; Buckeye burl can feature reddish brown knots, with light to dark gray swirls of discoloring, light-on-dark knot clusters, and unique, almost black discolorations. Buckeye has a fine, even texture. Grain tends to be straight or slightly interlocked. This piece is in its natural color, and hails from Northern California.