About Cadmus Pens

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We are based in South Orange, New Jersey.  


Cadmus Pens creates handmade wood and acrylic pens -- expertly turned, finished, and buffed -- that you will treasure for a lifetime. Each pen is a unique creation: there are no two pieces of wood that are the same, and we strive to find the most beautiful pieces of stock to work with, from exotic imports, reclaimed old growth timber, domestic hardwoods, and locally harvested woods. We are very selective about the wood used for pens -- it must be from a sustainable or reclaimed source, and as often as possible, we attempt to personally reclaim wood from down trees and recycle from discarded architectural elements such as wainscoting, floor boards, mantles, etc. 

We also hand craft desk accessories like business card holders, keychains, letter openers, tablet and phone holders, pen and pencil boxes, and desk organizers. All can be made to your custom specifications.
Cadmus Pens offers many styles of pens and mechanical pencils: Fountain Pens, Slim Line twist, Rollerball, Concava, Presimo, Cigar, European, WS2, Sierra, Mechanical Pencils, and more. We use a variety of different finishing techniques to get the luster and finish you desire; low VOC finishes, shellac, and natural waxes, as well as CA finishes. All purchases come with a blue velvet pouch.  Solid wood and wood/glass display boxes are available separately.

Making pens out of wood came out of a love for woodworking, fascination with fountain pens and other writing instruments, and obsession with trees and wood. We also enjoy making other wood items like cardholders, plinths, desk organizers, clocks, jewelry boxes, lamps, and furniture. Our principle penmaker worked in a luthier shop and did an apprenticeship in cabinetry and millwork, but gravitated towards exploring the artistic forms of wood and technology.