Cherry and Black Walnut Vase

After New Years, I resolved to make a segmented wood vase.  Strange resolution, but to each their own I suppose.  I started this project with some basic geometry, figuring out what angles produced how many segments making up a circle.  Calculators were dusted off, charts were made, and then rubber met the road. 9 segments per row, and in between each Cherry segment I put strips of Walnut veneer; in between each segment of Walnut, Cherry veneer strips.  The goal: to achieve something akin to a brick pattern, with continuity between Cherry and Walnut rows.
Glue up with hose clamps. Yes, it was just as tedious as you would imagine.
Next, putting all the rows of segments together -- this involved a lot of glue, a fair amount of patience, and numerous clamps.
Let the turning begin...roughing out the vase was quite a bit of work in between making pens. 
It's really starting to come together.  The segments and brick-like pattern are coming out the way I had hoped. 
Up next, finishing up the final shaping and sanding, then finishing.